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Our Services

Our holistic approach to Architecture allows us to be fully engaged with your project from beginning to end.

We provide our clients with a holistic approach to architecture. Combined with a mastery of construction techniques and architectural design, our clients benefit from a truly diverse background in residential, commercial, industrial and institutional projects.
Our interior design process embodies a harmonious approach and continuation of the architect’s initial vision. By combining various colors, textures and patterns our designers create vibrancy within a diverse range of size, scale and style.
Many regulatory requirements need to be researched to unearth the most beneficial and successful design solution. Our team analyzes all applicable building and zoning codes to establish the criteria to which your building is designed to.
Understanding and interpretation of the building code is a vital part of any project. Our knowledgeable team of code experts ensure our buildings are safe and complex code standards are always met.
Our real estate services can help our clients sell their existing property or help them find the perfect location, property or building for your home or business. This service is an invaluable asset when planning your project.
Our construction management team works closely with our designers to ensure the quality and accuracy of the approved designs. We ensure you’re informed throughout the construction process and your interests are upheld.
We design and determine a structure’s stability, strength and rigidity to resist all applied loads in an effort to develop a design which is efficient and cost effective.
By utilizing the latest in 3D visualization and virtual reality, our designers are able to work within a “virtual-scape” expanding the limits of architecture and design. The results allow our clients to see their project realistically and explore a variety of options in real time.

Carefully planned, thoughtfully considered.

Our Work

We offer full architectural and design services covering residential and commercial design of all sizes, including industrial facilities and institutional structures. See below to get a better look at a small sample of our work.

A Holistic Approach

It takes many disciplines to create and construct a building. In a traditional Architectural firm, many of those resources are outsourced. We found that if you want to get the best results, you need to bring those disciplines in-house. Each of our team members complement and mentor each other across several of these disciplines.

It gives us the opportunity to carefully plan your project while giving us more time to thoughtfully consider the important design questions you might have. We work as a team to solve any challenges along the way to get you the best results possible.


Our Team

Our award winning team consists of talented individuals who each contribute to the success of your project. We’re very proud of the diverse work we do and take great care in maintaining a high level of design and professionalism. Our group of Architects, Interior Designers, Structural Designers, Realtors and Building Code Officials provide expert knowledge and direction for our clients.

Christopher J. Luce, AIA

Principal / Architect

Phillip C. Strybuc

Architectural Project Manager ...

Michael J. Girard

Architectural Project Manager ...

Christopher R. Schiefer

Architectural Intern

Calleigh A. McDonald

Architectural Intern ...

Kelly A. Brennan

Architectural Interior Designer

Britany A. Madara

Architectural Interior Designer

Marc Lilly

Architectural Intern

Chadd Ziegler

Architectural Intern

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