Christopher J. Luce, NCARB, AIA

January 18th, 2018 | By | Our Team

Principal / Architect / Design Lead / Artist

Bachelor of Architecture
Drexel University, 1996

Prior to founding Luce Architects in 2003, Chris worked in the construction and design industry of the Philadelphia region for 15 years. During that time, he gained the experience and ideals which would serve as the foundation and philosophy for Luce Architects. A diverse set of services combined with great design and client relationships has granted the firm opportunities across along the East Coast United States, from Manhattan to Miami, Bahamas and China.

With a natural curiosity, it’s not surprising that Chris has many hobbies. Cycling, kayaking, hiking, skiing, genealogy, gardening, auto mechanics, and painting are just some of his interests. “I’ve always enjoyed the outdoors and working with my hands, he explains. I particularly love things which are mentally and physically challenging. A new skill learned, a challenge overcome, or the solution to a complex problem allows you to discover a little bit more about yourself.”