Koehler’s Jewelers

Koehler’s Jewelers

Luce Interiors helped this treasured local jewelry store expand into an adjoining property to accommodate its growing business. The expansion provided an opportunity for exciting innovation, balanced with a degree of continuity. The store owner wanted to preserve the sense of trust they have cultivated with their patrons while offering the community a new, vibrant, and welcoming experience.

The new space offers bright, open areas, with classical arches and topiary recalling an elegant marketplace. There are also more intimate spaces ideal for private conversations. Soft white and other classic tones are balanced with vibrant pops of color—especially passion-evoking red—while earthy deep wood accents pull the vision together.

March 3rd 2022
By: Chris Luce

Retail / Commercial Renovation

Lansdale, Montgomery County, PA


  • Architecture,
  • Interior Design

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