Phillip C. Strybuc

Architectural Project Manager / Construction Manager
Bachelor of Architecture, Penn State University, 2002

Phil’s experience in all facets of residential and commercial architecture allows him to anticipate and meet the requests of builders and homeowners. Phil successfully manages projects for a full range of regional builders with personal and dedicated attention, while adeptly meeting the demands of modern construction.

While attending Penn State University, Phil has traveled abroad studying Classical Greek & Roman, Gothic, Romanesque, Renaissance, Baroque, Neo-classical and Modernism architectural styles in countries such as Italy, Spain, France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and Greece.

Phil’s interests include home improvements, golf, Penn State football, the Phillies and training to eat an Ocean City Brothers pizza in less than 15 minutes for 100 free pizzas.


What separates me from the competition…
Is that you can get me on the phone.

The color that best represents my personality is…
Nittany Blue. We still are Penn State.

You’ll know I’m from the area because…
I say “down the shore”. Say what you want about Jersey but it is still the most economical and relaxing vacation after Labor Day, of course, when the kids are back in school.

My friends would tell you I…
Would do anything for them anytime, anywhere, no questions asked. Or that I like to tailgate. It’s a toss up.