Michael J. Girard

Architectural Project Manager / Structural Designer / Building and Zoning Code Expert
Associate of Architecture, Montgomery County Community College, 2005

Mike offers years of experience in construction methods and techniques. His extensive knowledge of complex building and zoning codes is apparent in the quality of his work in the residential, commercial and coastal projects he manages. Mike’s desire to solve complex building problems and develop practical solutions not only is a benefit to the firm, but also the client.

Michael’s interests include bicycling, working with stained glass and spending time with his growing family.


When I’m not working,
I am spending as much time as I can with my wife and three children.

What I like most about the area I work in…
I grew up there. I feel like I am contributing back to the area and leaving my mark.

Most people don’t know I…
Work with stained glass. I enjoy working with glass because you have to be focused and careful with the glass. This makes me have to push all other thoughts and problems out of my head, allowing me to relax.

The most interesting project that I have worked on…
Converting a 12,000 square foot Tudor style mansion into eight condominiums.

The best advice I have ever received…
Follow my dreams. I would have sketch after sketch in my notebook of house plans. And now I get to do it everyday.