Britany A. Madara

Interior and Architectural Designer
Bachelor of Fine Art in Interior Design, The Moore College of Art & Design, 2016

Britany graduated in 2016 from the Moore College of Art & Design and holds a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree in Interior Design. Her artistic ability and unique perspective enable her to convey interior concepts and ideas to clients with clarity. While working in an architectural studio, spaces are further developed with an interior eye for design.


When I’m not working…
I am spending time at Flyers games and enjoying the environment of the hockey stadium.

Most people don’t know that…
I was a competitive gymnast for many years.

What do you love the most about being an Interior Designer?
With the ability to work with a variety of architectural styles, I am able to create diverse spaces by constructing my ideas with different aspects of the design process. This allows me to design a space that is pleasurable and enjoyable.