Renovation / Historical Restoration

Master Plan

LUCE Architects offers an overlay of an existing property depicting its potential through a service known as the Master Plan. Most clients who chose this service are thinking about buying a particular property or renovating their home, and use the Master Plan to prepare plans that can be implemented in phases, while building in an overview of potential zoning and building code issues, as well as potential structural issues.

“This gives the owner an opportunity to plan in phases instead of hitting everything at once,” Luce says. “When we lay it out this way, the homeowners know what to expect, so they know what the venture is going to cost and can make a decision whether to pull the trigger and do the whole thing at once or in bite-size chunks. They’re in the driver’s seat!”

With every design, Luce practices efficiency-what some people would call in design and materials selection to optimize lighting, heating and other practical considerations. “It is about the effective use of materials,” he says, “positioning every building and every window in a way that takes advantage of the wind and solar cycles, among other things. We also try to think very clearly about how the client will live within the space.”