Thorndale Community


The Thorndale Community, located in Lansdale, Pennsylvania is a culmination of traditional references designed to fit within a modern lifestyle.

The architectural design of this 126 carriage home neighborhood was created utilizing complimentary exterior elements, colors and materials to balance the façade with the surrounding community. This design approach creates a pleasing variation of materials and colors throughout the project while helping emphasize the areas historic charm.

Thorndale currently boasts 10 individual models, appealing to many tastes. The spatial elements of the interior are organized to allow the outdoor spaces permeate in. The innovative and unique designs incorporate open plans which start at 2000 square feet and can be expanded to 4000 square feet with options.

Property Information

Location:Towamencin Township, Pennsylvania
Property Type:Carriage Homes
Status:Under Construction
Total Area:3,000 sf to 3,500 sf Sq. Ft.