The County Theater Design


The County Theater is iconic. Its’ Art Deco style is in direct opposition to the surrounding context of historic architectural forms. Its’ bold, primary pallet of color demands attention as it takes the blocks center stage. It is also whimsical, diverse, and is representative of what makes Doylestown unique from surrounding towns of the Philadelphia area. Our vision for the theaters future reestablishes the importance of our town. Its’ character and identifies the significance of our shared institutions while building on the harmonic nature of the town. The proposed expansion does not undermine the existing theaters significance and instead, bolsters its appeal. The exterior cladding is comprised of colors and materials that complement the existing theater while not distracting from the original facade. It recedes back from the sidewalk allowing for a greater pedestrian experience and access to a new community event kiosk. The kiosk is an interactive experience linking video, maps, movie times and trailers, as well as community events. Lighting is every much a part of the building as the materials are. When lit artificially in the evening hours with colored led lighting, the effect is striking and memorable.

Property Information

Location:Doylestown, PA
Property Type:Theater