Mark's Jewelers



Photography by Dara King Photography

Breaking away from the typical jewelry store atmosphere, Mark’s Jeweler’s was designed not only to make it a unique space, but to leave the client with a one-of-a-kind experience that they cannot find anywhere else. Mark’s was designed with several different areas in mind. First, the display area for the luxury brands they carry and supply, second, the unique look inside the jewelry making process, and third, several areas for clients to relax, get a cup of coffee, and take their time selecting the ‘perfect’ piece of jewelry for their loved one.

The interiors flow seamlessly, from area to area and gives customers a unique look into the jewelry making process. By opening up this intricate process to clients, the space has an almost transparent feel which connects to the interior design itself. The industrial space was left very much exposed with open ceilings, vast amounts of glass, as well as the use of raw materials such as brick, metal, and wood.

By introducing these elements, it almost feels as if the building fell away and you can see all of the elements that make up the building similar as to how each piece of jewelry is crafted. By keeping this interior left open and flowing with different design elements enables clients to shop the Mark’s Jeweler’s experience.

Property Information

Location:Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania
Property Type:Jewelry Store