Revitalizing Communities

Many of our local cities, boroughs and towns have been financially devastated by this recent economic downturn. There has been however a renewed interest in reclaiming these blighted areas and investing in reinventing community centers and neighborhoods.

The borough of Perkasie is one example of how these efforts are becoming realized. In trying to recapture what once was, Luce Architects had designed a corner along Main Street reminiscent of a building which stood there long ago, known as the American House. The American House was tragically destroyed by fire however; the rendering below illustrates how it could be rebuilt in a modern sense incorporating a mix of residential and commercial uses.

Another example would be the repurposing of the Whitemarsh Fire Station to be used as 6 residential apartments. The building seen below utilizes the bones of the original firehouse while creating a vernacular that better compliments the surrounding community and neighborhood. The massing of the building was reduced to encourage a more human scale to the property as compared to large apartment buildings. The effort here was to create a “home” for the residents and not a “building”. Although the building fronts Route 73, the sides and rear of the building abut woods and open space.

American HouseWhitemarsh Fire Station