Luce Architects E-Brochure

Luce Architects E-Brochure

Summer 2016 Newsletter

Summer 2016 Newsletter

Celebrating 13 Years!

This April 1st, Luce Architects will be celebrating its 13th year anniversary! Excited? You bet I am. And I know I speak for the entire firm when I say we‚Äôre looking forward to the upcoming projects this year throughout Pennsylvania, … Continue reading

Spring 2016 Newsletter

Spring 2016 Newsletter

Ocean Front Estates

Working along the Eastern Coastline of the United States has a unique set of challenges in comparison to sites more inland. Our work from New Jersey to Florida, has given our firm an extensive understanding of local, state, and federal … Continue reading

2014 Newsletter

Newsletter Summer 2014

Megan Luce

As the daughter of Christopher Luce, the Principal of Luce Architects, working as the Administrative Assistant brings an enjoyable spot in my life. Working as an intern, gives me valuable skills and a better understanding of what it is like … Continue reading

Luce Architects Commercial

Airing in the Bucks County area of Pennsylvania, will be Luce Architects very first commercial! This long process finally paid off in the end and is set to air April 7th of 2014. We as the Luce team strive for … Continue reading

Revitalizing Communities

Many of our local cities, boroughs and towns have been financially devastated by this recent economic downturn. There has been however a renewed interest in reclaiming these blighted areas and investing in reinventing community centers and neighborhoods. The borough of … Continue reading

Summer Newsletter

Our 2013 Summer Newsletter is now available. Download our newsletter here.

Luce Architects – A reflection of the past 10 years

With the firm‚Äôs 10th year anniversary soon approaching, I found myself reflecting on the events and personalities that brought us to this moment in time. In 2003, the construction industry was good‚Ķ really good. For a young, registered architect such … Continue reading

Suburban Life Article

Suburban Life Magazine featured Luce Architects in their March issue in an article entitled; “Built to Last: Distinctive, artfully designed homes from Luce Architects blend beauty and function.” Read the full article here.

Aesthetics Meets Function

I always wanted to be an artist, but my father, who worked for a regional builder suggested I follow a career path towards architectural design. His influence and my artistic tendencies, as well as the collaboration of the Luce Architects … Continue reading

Master Plan

Did you know Luce Architects offers an overlay of an existing property depicting its potential through a service known as the Master Plan? Most clients who chose this service are thinking about purchasing a particular property or renovating their home, … Continue reading

Architecture as Therapy

Sometimes my role stretches from that of an architect and designer to a therapist of sorts as well.¬† In going through people‚Äôs houses, and they explain what they want to do, you find that everybody has their own personality. A … Continue reading

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