Luce Leaves

In this issue of our newsletter, I would like to announce a section I call “Luce Leaves”. It will be a blog viewed on to explain my adventures in gardening, landscaping and water-scaping. I hope this new section helps fellow enthusiasts enjoy what they soe.

As the weather warms, I anticipate getting my hands dirty. Don’t believe me? Heck, Google Earth shows me riding a tractor! Believe me, I love being outside. This in itself is funny since I spend all day designing interior spaces. From flowers to fruits it’s a passion that has grown (no pun intended) with me over the years. It’s a great example of you get what you give. Nourish, nurture, and harvest the benefits.

Don’t be just be an observer, be a participant. Hope you enjoy!

Houses of Worship

Cathedral of Immaculate Conception

Cathedral of the Immaculate ConceptionLuce Architects has recently provided the review and incorporation of accessibility components into the historic Cathedral of Immaculate Conception located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The task was to provide an overlay of the historic building while amending the structure for accessibility. It was a challenging task since every detail and finish had to compliment the grandeur of the existing building. Careful design and planning eventually let to a solution which integrated successfully into the existing building.

Once the alterations are fully implemented in the summer of 2013, the improvements will allow the parishioners to worship and travel throughout the cathedral comfortably.

St. Jude Catholic Church

St. Jude - BeforeLuce Architects had also provided Interior Design Services for the St. Jude Catholic Church located in Chalfont, PA. In an effort to modernize the suburban church, we chose to create a design which created a warm and inviting glow. We’ve achieved this by incorporating a diverse blend of materials with warm, natural colors.

Before: Right

After: Below

St. Jude - After

Before and After

BeforeAs the old saying goes, “A picture tells a thousand words”.

Before: Right

After: Below


Additional Services

Visit us on the web at to learn about additional services provided by our firm. Other services include: Sustainable Solutions and Interior Design.

A New Look

New Website LookWe’ve recently updated and streamlined our website to spotlight new projects recently completed, improve functionality, and provide areas for client interaction. For years, we managed the website in house with available staff. Fortunately, we’ve been increasingly busy and had to hire an independent agency to manage this undertaking. Over the years, the website has grown with us and has been a terrific tool for conveying ideas and illustrating what services we offer. The scheduled launch date for the website is set for December 1st, 2010. Let us know what you think!