Laura Heleniak 5

“He takes into consideration the fact that you’re going to live there so it’s not just a beautiful design, which it is. I don’t know I would have accomplished this with someone else.”

– Laura Heleniak

Laura Heleniak 4

“He’s a very sincere person who must love what he does. I have met other architects and designers, and he stands out from the rest.”

– Laura Heleniak

Laura Heleniak 3

“I’ve had so many people tell me, ‘Your home is stunning, but it’s so comfortable and livable.’ He really cared to figure in the things you just don’t think about.”

– Laura Heleniak

Laura Heleniak 2

“He designed so many different angles and turns that you just don’t see in a lot of other homes here.”

-Laura Heleniak

Laura Heleniak

“He was very receptive to my ideas, but he also had so many of his own.”

– Laura Heleniak

Christopher Luce 2

“You never impose the design on the property; it should be natural and subtle.”

-Christopher Luce

Amy Sargent 3

“He’s really bright about what he does, and I actually have fun working with him. I feel very lucky that we’re connected.”

– Amy Sargent

Amy Sargent 2

“Chris is a rare combination, over the years I’ve never found [an architect] who was great at everything, until I met him.”

– Amy Sargent

Amy Sargent 1

“I would feel comfortable recommending Chris and his firm for any job. I’ve had no issues, and that’s very rare in the building world.”

– Amy Sargent