Architecture as Therapy

Sometimes my role stretches from that of an architect and designer to a therapist of sorts as well.  In going through people’s houses, and they explain what they want to do, you find that everybody has their own personality. A husband and wife tend to come at things from different angles but usually want the same thing; I’m almost a moderator to some degree. I like to get inside their head, for lack of a better term, and really learn how they live and determine what’s important to them. In this way each design becomes a matter of collaboration and leads to a finished product that surpasses the clients’ initial needs and desires.

Practicing Efficiency

With every design, Luce Architects practices efficiency in design and materials selection to optimize lighting, heating and other practical considerations. We concentrate on incorporating sustainable traits or “green” design, as it is more commonly known. It’s about the effective use of materials with as little waste as possible. We’re positioning every building and every window in a way that takes advantage of the wind and solar cycles, among other things. We also try to think very clearly about how the client will live within the space and design accordingly.