Newtown Home Renovation

In 2010, Luce Architects worked on the design and layout of parts of a Newtown house, effectively transforming two unused and uninhabitable spaces into communal spaces that could be the jewel of any home. The space above the home’s garage has become a comfortable yet elegant office and lounge area. The now-finished basement features a countertop bar that wraps around the back of the staircase and “feels like a Manhattan nightclub, blending transitional and traditional,” according to the client. “I’m big on function and design, and Chris’ layout definitely blends both.”

Blending the Design and Environment

MH-Thornton-9533One of our most recent award-winning designs, the Thornbury is located in Chester County. It references the French Manor style with a modern flair that can be described as both gracious and stately. With this design and with all our designs, we are very careful during the design process to put key elements on access, so there’s a progression with transition points along the way. In the Thornbury home, for example, you walk down one of the hallways and see an elliptical window that looks out onto an ornamental tree. That’s just one example of many. Every room takes advantage of the property and its surroundings. I would never impose the design on the property; it should be natural and subtle.